Nutritional Counseling

At All Creatures Animal Care we make it very evident that keeping your pet as healthy as possible is our primary mission. Our pets very easily become a part of the family and in some instances are just like our “children.” Spoiling a beloved pet is not uncommon and is great in some situations. However, one of the ways we can negatively spoil our pets is by feeding them too much food or food that is not optimal for their bodies. Human food tastes so yummy to our dogs and cats, but they do not have the same digestive enzymes and systems as we do, therefore some food such as grapes, chocolate, raw dough, and even onions. Another issue that we see in pets with suboptimal health is obesity. Remember that a 50 pound dog should not eat as much as a 150 pound human eats! Our doctors can recommend proper nutritious food as well as portion control for your pet. They will also map out an exercise program for your pet to help shed those unnecessary pounds as quickly as possible. If you suspect that your pet is suffering from obesity please call All Creatures Animal Care for an appointment with our doctors.